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More Power to you, Agencies!

✔ Fixed monthly pricing, no surprises! 

✔ Add more clients for less

✔ Software that makes your team look good

✔ Blazing fast automations 

✔ No bots to mess you up

No Bots to Mess you up

Smoothest Setup Ever

We know agencies bring their own SOPs. We never enforce a PPC methodology on you, like automated negation or automated 

No extra permissions from your clients to set PPC Ninja up. Simply login with Amazon. Add extra team members even if they don't have Amazon Accounts

We know you are experts at Excel, and PPC Ninja takes filter, sort, search functions to the next level. 

Why Agencies Love PPC Ninja

PPC Ninja uses dynamic date ranges for bid optimization based on data sufficiency. This means you will always be just-in-time for bid changes - never too early, never too late. The results you deliver are bound to make you look good!

PPC Ninja Plus (NEW!)

Get PPC Ninja certified VAs to operate your PPC Ninja account for just $499/month. Offload repetitive tasks to us while you focus on strategy. Sound interesting?


Great for agencies and established brands, PPC Ninja software is an industry leader for Amazon PPC automation. It's the secret sauce of how we efficiently deliver winning results for our full-service clients. If you want to manage your own ad account like a pro, it's available for you to use on its own. We count your total ASINs across profiles or markets. Each additional ad profile is only $30 more. Multi-user accounts are an additional $10 per user.

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