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The Ultimate Guide to Amazon PPC

PPC automation tools are only as good as the underlying PPC strategies used. Imagine what happens when you automate a poorly structured ad account! 

We've spent over 60 hours putting together the ultimate guide to Amazon PPC. You can use the strategies we've covered here regardless of which tool you use. And it's yours for free. Scroll down for more details of what's covered.


What's inside the Ultimate Guide to Amazon PPC?

Here's what to expect in your ultimate guide. Over 100 questions covering multiple aspects of PPC Management. We do not go over the basics of how to start with PPC. For that, we recommend visiting Amazon Seller University. Here is a complete list of questions that we answer inside the guide.


What is the difference between BSR ranking and keyword ranking?

How do I measure rankings for a keyword?

My ACOS is 40%. Is that good or bad? What is a good ACoS?

What should I set as the Max daily budget for a campaign?

What is a typical Conversion Rate for Amazon?

What is a typical click through rate for Amazon?

What is the average cost per click for Amazon?

What is breakeven ACOS? How do I calculate it?

What is a good percentage of PPC to Total sales?

What is ROAS? How can I use it to measure performance?

What is the new-to-brand metric? How can I use it?

Which types of ads perform the best: Sponsored Products/Sponsored Brands/Sponsored Display/Product Display?


PPC Strategy

Should I continue to run auto campaigns after I have harvested keywords?

How many campaigns should I create per ASIN?

Should I create ads targeting my own products?

Is it wise to block poorly performing keywords as negatives in a campaign, even if they are relevant to my ASIN?

Should I block my best performing keywords after I have moved them to another adgroup or campaign?

Is it a good practice to move keywords between campaigns once I have identified “winners”

How many keywords should I add to an Adgroup?

How do I increase the ranking for a keyword with PPC?

How do I find competitor keywords without paying for tools?

Is there a way to find out the search volume of keywords?

How can I increase sales with PPC?

What is day-parting? Does it make sense to alter bids based on time of day?

What is week-day parting? Does it make sense to alter bids based on day of week?

Should I change my budgets during Prime day and other holidays?

Should I change my bids during Prime day and other holidays?

Should I shut off broad match keywords during Prime day and other holidays?

Should I create a catch-all campaign with all my products?

Should I bid on my branded keywords?

Should I bid high or low on my branded keywords?

Should I bid on competitor terms?

How often should I adjust bids?

Should I include my SKU as keywords in my listing?

Should I bid on my own SKUs as keywords?


Algorithmic Behavior

Does PPC affect organic ranking?

Do the same keywords in different campaigns compete with each other?

Do match types for the same keywords compete with each other?

What is the best type of Ad (Sponsored Products/Sponsored Brand/Sponsored Display/..?

Can add ASINs as negatives?

Is the Target Audience field important from a PPC standpoint?

How many ASINs should I advertise in a campaign?

Does adding negative keywords to a campaign affect the organic results especially if the keyword is relevant?

What is the minimum I should bid on a keyword to get impressions?

Which backend fields are indexed?

Are Platinum keywords indexed?

Why do so many keywords get zero impressions?

How does Amazon decide which keyword to give impressions?

What is the maximum I can bid on a keyword?


Structure and Ad Types

How many ad types are available to third-party sellers?

Is DSP advertising worth it?

How many total campaigns can I create?

What’s the strategy behind single-keyword Ad Groups?

What is the best placement for an Ad? (Top-of-search/Product Pages/Rest of Search)

What is the difference in performance between product pages and Top search placements

Are video-in-search ads worth it?  

Are Sponsored Display ads worth it?

What are product targeting ads?

What are category targeting ads?

What is a Product Display Ad?

What are Remarketing ads?

What is Attribution Beta? How can I use it to improve my PPC?

What is the difference between CPM and CPC? Which is better?

Does Amazon allow broad match modifiers like Google?

Is there a difference between AMS and Seller Central?

Should I be running Sponsored Brand ads if I am getting good results from Sponsored Products?

What is a good campaign naming scheme?

Can I change the name of a campaign after it is created?

Sponsored Brands: What parts of an ad can I change after a Sponsored Brand ad is created?


Bulk Operations

How can I change my bids in bulk?

How can I add multiple campaigns in bulk?


PPC Reporting

What are the different types of advertising reports?

Which is the most useful advertising report?

Which advertising report lists products sold?

Which report shows buyer search terms that led to sales?

How often should I download advertising reports?

How far back can I request data from advertising reports?


"PPC Ninja taught me how to spend my Ad dollars wisely." - Vika

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