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"PPC Ninja helped me lower my ACoS from 50% to 20%"


Managed Services

We are an agency dedicated to helping brands succeed on Amazon. We are an Amazon Advertising partner and our team is fully certified. Our done-for-you services include:

✔ PPC Account Management

✔ DSP Account Management

✔ PPC Management for Japan

✔ Google Ads Management for Amazon Brands

✔ Walmart Advertising for Amazon Brands

✔ Listing localization for Amazon Japan

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PPC Ninja is an industry leading software for Amazon PPC automation. It's the secret sauce of how we efficiently deliver winning results for our full-service clients. If you want to manage your own ad account like a pro, it's available for you to use on its own.

✔ Great for agencies and brands
✔ Provides daily bid recommendations or full automation 
✔ Helps you discover new keywords
✔ Helps you find bleeding keywords 
✔ Automatically downloads your Search Term Reports
✔ Allows 50+ bulk operations without any .csv
✔ Excel-like UI to slice and dice data many ways
✔ Does not bind you to any PPC technique
✔ Support for Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands Video, Sponsored Display Ads
✔ Works in all available Amazon markets - Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, Singapore, UAE, Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands
✔ Multi-user support



✔ 4-Week Free Mastermind program
✔ Newsletter
✔ Cutting edge strategies shared weekly on our blog
✔ Thought leadership on LinkedIn
✔ Deep industry knowledge
✔ Knowledge sharing at conferences

Not all big brands get their Amazon strategy right!

Dissecting their PPC Strategies with the Mastermind group

✔ Over $50 million in ad generated sales
✔ Trusted by 6, 7 and 8 figure sellers
✔ Amazon Accredited Advertising Experts
✔ Over 100,000 ASINs handled
✔ Over 10 years of experience selling on Amazon
✔ Amazon Ads Advanced Partner

The Ninja who loses Ad dollars to Amazon 
makes few calculations beforehand.

Software Pricing from $99 / month | 14-Day Trial

Risk-Free. No MWS Access Required.

Have questions? Message us: support@ppcninja.com

If you have been using Helium10 Adtomic and find it hard to use (or broken,) try PPC Ninja. We honestly think you won't be disappointed. We also offer an extremely valuable and FREE 4-week mastermind to help you through the basics of PPC. 


Amazon Seller

PPC Ninja taught me how to spend my Ad dollars wisely. It helped my European markets become much more stable and controllable. With PPC Ninja I can adjust keyword bids quickly and even compare with what Amazon Recommends.


Amazon Seller

PPC Ninja has been a lifesaver for me!  The software is easy to use, and saves an incredible amount of time. Their  managed services are a huge win for your business and bottom line!


Amazon Seller

I would recommend PPC Ninja to anyone who needs or wants to save time (translated: money) by streamlining their management process.  PPC Ninja is much more user friendly than the infrastructure inside Seller Central.

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Managed Services

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