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✔ Cloud based data warehousing framework for Amazon brands

✔ Combine your Ad, Organic & Competitor data streams

✔ Convert Search Query Performance data into time series for richer trends insights

✔ Unparalleled data ownership, break free from walled gardens of SaaS softwares

PPC Ninja Data Room

Own your Data

Google Sheets

Google BigQuery

Google Looker Studio

A lot of tools like PPC Ninja are beginning to export their data into Google Sheets. We can convert these into time series data

Big Query is an inexpensive final destination for all your time series data. Combine data from Ads, Organic, Keyword Ranking, Keepa, SQP 

Looker Studio is business intelligence and insights tool that can help you visualize data in highly customizable ways using BigQuery or Google Sheets as a data source

Introducing Data Room

PPC Ninja Data Room is designed to give brands complete ownership of their data. Instead of housing valuable information within inaccessible SaaS tool infrastructures, PPC Ninja makes it possible for brands to freely access and manage their data, deciding which services, like PPC Ninja, have access as needed. The service is underpinned by the mature and robust infrastructure of Google BigQuery and Looker Studio. It liberates brand's data from being trapped behind traditional SaaS tools' walled gardens, allowing for seamless integration and data flow between different platforms.

Data Room is a framework that runs on Google's ecosystem of Sheets, BigQuery and Looker studio. PPC Ninja offers a custom setup of your Data Room within your cloud that your data analytics leaders can consume for visualizing and answering important business questions such as . This is what that breaks down to:

  • PPC Ninja software streams your advertised data in time series format into BigQuery tables

  • PPC Ninja helps you set up Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform to securely capture your data from multiple data streams such as advertising, SP-API, keyword rank tracking time series, SQP time series, Keepa etc. 

  • PPC Ninja provides customizable Looker Studio templates to draw business insights from your new, rich data sources

  • We can also download your SQP reports and upload them to your BigQuery tables as an add-on service

Data Room introduces standardized table formats, allowing brands' SaaS tools and internal reports to operate in harmony. This functionality eradicates the need for time-consuming manual data format conversions and integrations, improving efficiency and freeing up valuable resources.

How does it work?

  • Brands and agencies that want control of their data

  • Brands and agencies that want to combine data from multiple sources for analysis and drawing business insights

Who is Data Room for?

  • Small brands with less than 25 managed ASINs. This might be an overkill, not worth the extra effort

  • Agencies that are managing clients with only a small number of ASINs

Who is Data Room NOT for?

SQP Time Series Data

API Integration

Looker Studio Customization

Our VAs can download your Amazon data such as Search Query Performance reports and add them to tables within your Data Room

We can help connect APIs such as SP-API or Keepa to your Data Room

Our Data Analysts can customize ​visualizations to meet your unique data needs

Add-on Services

Ready for Data Room?

We are currently accepting beta users at a reduced cost. Book a discovery call to learn more about this service and pricing

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