Amazon advertising is a battlefield. 

Conquer it with data and strategy.

PPC Ninja is the only tool that aggregates your ad data from Seller Central and AMS into unified, multi-market dashboards and pivoted views that can help you make the best advertising decisions.

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Amazon PPC Management Software and Services

For Amazon Sellers and Agencies

US, CA, EU, JP, AU - Unified Dashboard

Pricing starts at $49 | 14-Day Free Trial

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Amazon PPC Automation Software

Why you absolutely need PPC Ninja Software

No other tool gives you so many interactive views to pivot, segment and analyze your data for bulk optimization. Smart advertisers know that a clean, queryable view of data is essential to making the best advertising decisions.​ Not only do you get amazing data insights, you also cut out repetitive tasks from your PPC management workload with our weekly bid optimization recommendations and new keyword recommendations. Find keywords with zero impressions, negate poor performers, magically copy keywords between campaigns, even across markets, saving so much time!

Up your game with PPC Ninja Micro Services

We cannot stress this enough: A tool is only as good as the underlying PPC strategies being used. When poor campaign structures, bad listings and weak keywords are put through automation, the results can be chaotic. Our Amazon accredited PPC Ninjas are available for consultation, as well as done-with-you services on short projects at an ASIN level, so you can learn our tricks and replicate. Go ahead and pick our brains without breaking the bank!

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Dramatic Results by UK Seller
Sales increased by 250%
ACoS dropped by 50%
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Average Customer Satisfaction Score: 9.5 / 10

Pricing from $49 / month | 14-Day Trial

"PPC Ninja has been a lifesaver for me!  The software is easy to use, and saves an incredible amount of time.  Add in their strategy sessions and micro services and it’s a huge win for your business and bottom line!"
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"I would recommend PPC Ninja to anyone who needs or wants to save time (translated: money) by streamlining their management process.  PPC Ninja is much more user friendly than the infrastructure inside Seller Central."
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"PPC Ninja taught me how to spend my Ad dollars wisely. It helped my European markets become much more stable and controllable. With PPC Ninja I can adjust keyword bids quickly and even compare with what Amazon Recommends."
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The Ninja who loses Ad dollars to Amazon
 makes few calculations beforehand.

Pricing from $49 / month | 14-Day Trial

Risk-Free. No MWS Access Required.
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