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Ritu created a great environment to learn a very hard subject

Ritu is just so giving of her time and knowledge and no question is too small or too silly.

 I am personally not a classroom person. Therefore,  this course is IDEAL for me as it takes a more practical approach. Thank you for generously sharing your knowledge and expertise!

I think the moderator is excellent, patient, encouraging and doing a good job.

Stone Tower

Love your teaching style and getting participants to share and interact together. You power points are good value as is your communication and presentations.

I have participated in 2 masterminds now in small groups with Ritu.  Although I still feel I have loads to learn, they have been a great environment to build PPC knowledge.  Ritu creates a very open, non judging environment at a pace that is very comfortable to maintain

- Nicole

I have really enjoyed this course.  I have been looking for something like this for a while. I am ever so grateful to Ritu for sharing her knowledge with us. 

Up to date and helpful Mastermind.

Gradient Ocean

The course was so informative, easy to understand and Ritu is very knowledgeable and can answer any question. I learnt so much in a short period of time. Thank you Ritu

I really wish if I knew about this course few months ago when I launched my first product on Amazon. Structure of this course is very easy to follow. It is amazing how nicely Ritu simplifies the PPC process and makes it very easy to understand.

Glad to spent every Saturday morning in a month with live session for PPC Ninja Mastermind program. Luckily I meet so much insightful people with interactive discussion so I can get a lot of insights about PPC campaign.

FREE Amazon PPC Mastermind​

Amazon PPC can be very complex, but once you master it, you are going to have fun! PPC Ninja has been running PPC Masterminds EVERY month for over a year now! Our FREE 4-week PPC Mastermind is open to any Amazon Seller who generates at least 2500 USD in monthly sales with ads (not suitable for VAs). If you think you meet this criteria, we invite you to join us on this 4-week deep dive into Amazon PPC. The next cohort begins on April 19th, 2024.

Fall in love with PPC!

Each mastermind cohort runs for 4 weeks. Hang out with amazing people from all over the world ​- online and fall in love with PPC!

Each week we cover a different topic:

Week 1: Automatic Campaigns 

Week 2: Product Targeting

Week 3: Campaign Structure and Bid Optimization

Week 4: Sponsored Brands and Video Ads

4 weeks will go by PRETTY quickly, especially with all the ground we plan to cover.


Also note that we will be video chatting ONCE A WEEK for 4 weeks (NO EXCUSES!) and since we are spread out globally we might NOT be able to meet during your waking hours. Please make sure you have a video camera.

While we will try to keep concepts pretty generic, we will be sharing examples from our own PPC Ninja software.

Are you ready to invest in yourself? The next cohort begins April 19th, 2024, so hurry and grab your seat at the table.

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