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You’ll no longer need to worry about finding and digitizing any information you’ve added to an existing drawing. Design notes and comments can be imported directly from external documents and merged directly with the drawing.The new Markup toolset offers many improvements:The enhanced Import tool supports importing of printed paper or scanned drawings and directly incorporating any comments or notes you add.Feedback can be created directly within the CAD application with a new Markup toolset.Manual annotations can be quickly linked to a drawing, bringing the user’s attention to a specific place within the drawing.Extending Drawings to Coordinate Spaces:Extend any dynamic object to the coordinate space it resides in, quickly and easily.Quickly create and print extended worksheets from your AutoCAD drawing, all without converting the drawing to a 3D model first.Export objects to a 3D file quickly and easily.You’ll be able to take your extended objects, the way you designed them, with you in the new cloud applications.Speed Up Your Builds:Speed up your builds by using Coordinate Object Snap or Dynamic Offsets to create a baseline for your project.Automatically create scaled drawings, using the correct scale to quickly create multiple drawings.Save time with color palettes that you can share with other users, so they know what colors you’ve created for your building or drawing.Embed Construction Coordinate Systems with More Flexibility:Embed construction coordinate systems without restricting edits to the 2D drawing space.Work with embedded 3D models and edit them as you would with an external 3D model.Update objects and place them in position in a 3D model.Create flexible merge clips that you can share with your team.You’ll be able to update the embedded 3D model as you move objects in your 2D drawing.Save Time with Customized Shortcuts:You can now customize which commands you’ll be able to run in your favorite applications.You can have shortcuts for the applications you use most often, such as:Create drawings and imports for Microsoft Excel: cmd+EToggle the toolbar and status bar in Microsoft Word: ctrl+TCustomize a number of application shortcuts: ctrl+K, 2be273e24d


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