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What Makes PPC Ninja Better than Advertising Console

Amazon Seller Central has improved considerably since its early days. But there are still things about it that drive advertising managers crazy. PPC Ninja fills the gaps in the inefficiencies that Amazon creates to give you freedom from its poor UI, and the edge you need over your competition.

Bulk Operations

Ever tried to use Amazon's bulk file uploads? This is an archaic method of making bulk changes to a system through Excel files. While they do save some time if you are making many similar changes, they almost never upload without errors. Plus, you need to know exactly how to manipulate them so you can be more efficient, not less. PPC Ninja offers bulk operations right within the UI that eliminates the need for bulk file downloads and uploads. Simply filter multiple rows based on specific criteria (eg. ACoS > 50%) and apply bulk actions such as bid changes (%Increase, %Decrease, $Increase , $Decrease), pause, archive, create negatives etc. Such a time saver.

Bid Change History

Seller Central just rolled out a "History" tab to some users (October 2019). This is a way of keeping track of changes that were made to your account so that you can correlate those to performance. We really think historical records are super important and that's why PPC Ninja had this feature from day one. In fact, with PPC Ninja you get a much better experience because our Bid Change History can be searched, sorted and filtered across all campaigns. Amazon's interface is inefficient because they require drill down to the campaign level. 

Bid Recommendations

Amazon does NOT allow you to set Target ACoS anywhere in their system. So their bid recommendations are simply based on how to make you win a bid, and hence, make them more ad money. PPC Ninja provides weekly bid recommendations for you to act upon. These are based on your ACoS targets, keeping your profitability in mind. This is a highly sophisticated engine that takes your ad performance data over time and recommends changes that can help you either save dollars or make dollars.

Bid Placement Modifier Support

If the term 'bid placement modifiers' makes any sense to you, you know you are an advertising PRO. You might have already tested 'Top-of-Search' and 'Product Pages' bid modifiers (ranging from 0-900%) that Amazon introduced in Jan 2019. With PPC Ninja, you can make changes across all bid modifiers in a single all Campaigns view with easy access to the performance KPIs. No need to drill down to the campaign level to adjust the inconveniently located controls. 

New Keyword Discovery

These come from Search Term reports. If you were to do this the long, manual way, you would have to first go to Advertising Reports section of Seller Central, select a date range, download the search term report, analyze it for search terms that were bringing in sales, then go see if you already have that keyword somewhere, and then go create it as a new keyword. With PPC Ninja, you need to do none of that. Simply access the Keyword Recommendations view, where we present a list of keywords that we have PRE-CHECKED to see if they are not already included elsewhere, and let you add them. 

Search Term Reports

All the search terms that buyers use can can be viewed by downloading the Search Term report from Amazon. However, this laborious and repetitive task is best left to an app. Just access PPC Ninja's Search Term view and search, sort, filter based on any criteria. We've already processed all your data automatically and unlike Seller Central, it never disappears. 

Targeting Reports

Who here has tried Product Targeting and Category Targeting ads? If you said yes, you are ahead of most advertisers. Good news is that we expose all the ASINs (those B0xxxxxxx targets) that led to your Product Targeting ads. Note that this is different from the B0xxxxxx keywords that you're probably used to seeing in Search Term reports.

Zero Impression Keyword Discovery

Did you ever wonder why SO many of your keywords never get ANY impressions? Well there is a reason for that and is deeply rooted in the AI based algorithms that find buyer search matches for your keywords. Amazon treats your keywords as a pool to pick from. Based on your budget, it serves impressions to a few at first, learns how they performed, then show more of the ones that did and less of the ones that didn't, till you are left with a whole bunch of keywords that never got any love. These may be perfectly good keywords and PPC Ninja wants to give them a second chance. We highlight 60-day zero impression keywords, and make it super easy for you to move them to new campaigns that allows them a second chance.

PPC Sales Data

Business Reports, especially the Detail Page by ASIN Sales is a great view for organic sales. Unfortunately, nothing like that exists on the PPC side. PPC Ninja has made it super easy for you to track daily PPC sales by ASIN.

Multi-geography Support: North America, Europe, Japan

If you are a global seller you want to be able to quickly and easily switch between marketplaces and land straight on the Advertising page. However, this can't be done easily with Seller Central as you know. PPC Ninja allows you to switch between marketplaces with just a SINGLE drop down, making it super easy for you to compare and contrast KPI dashboards.

PPC Ninja Automation Software

✔ It's like "Excel on Steroids"

✔ Trusted by agencies

✔ Uses Data Sufficiency Algorithm

✔ Unique Multi-level Target ACoS

✔ 50+ Bulk operations

✔ Campaign Placements X-Ray

✔ Keyword Bid Insight Charts

✔ All markets and ad types supported

✔ Integrated with Google Sheets

✔ Integrated with Google Data Studio (Looker)

PPC Ninja's Powerful Features

✔ Bid Recommendations - Daily recommendations to accept manually or automatically. You choose.

Trending ACoS - A revolutionary way to assign ACoS values to zero sales keywords 

✔ Bulk Operations - With 50+ inbuilt bulk operations, you can safely ditch the .csv

Keyword Bid Change History - Visually track how bid changes impacted all KPIs

Export to Google - We export your data directly to Google Sheets and Google Data Studio

✔ Bid Change History - Correlate events. Wouldn't you want to know how a change impacted results?

 Placement Bid Modifications - Modify placement bids across all campaigns in one place

✔ New Keyword Discovery - All the digging, drilling and heavy lifting done for you

✔ Search Term Reports - All in one place, forever. No more downloading every 60 days

✔ Target Performance - Know exactly which targets brought you traffic

✔ Zero Impression Keyword Discovery - These are great to move to a new campaign to get traffic

✔ PPC Sales by SKU - Zoom in on PPC sales per SKU regardless of which campaigns promote it

✔ Multi-Geography Support - All markets - Seamless, hassle-free set up for markets and ad profiles

✔ Multi-User Support - Add members of your team with separate logins

Jason Tay

Amazon Seller, Coach

I have researched and tried multiple programs, some are too simplistic and others too are clunky. PPC Ninja is powerful, flexible and relatively easy to use, which is why it's my #1 choice and what I use to manage my Amazon Ads.  


Amazon Seller

I would recommend PPC Ninja to anyone who needs or wants to save time (translated: money) by streamlining their management process.  PPC Ninja is much more user friendly than the infrastructure inside Seller Central.


Amazon Seller

The entire PPC Ninja team has been effective and so very pleasant to work with. They are responsive to my organization's needs, even when our needs are obtuse. They are super responsive and they are transparent with their reporting, which I greatly appreciate as a small business owner. I 100% recommend PPC Ninja.


No Bots to mess you up!

Multi-level Target ACoS

We have given you all the creative and analytical control to slice and dice data your way. No bots to mess you up!

Set your target ACoS at 4 different levels: Account, SKU, Campaign and Branded KW. Our daily bid optimization will generate bids based on the target ACoS hierarchy.

Our smart bidding algorithm uses data sufficiency modeling to determine the right time and right amount for each bid change

Who is PPC Ninja for?

PPC Ninja is an industry-leading software used and loved by PPC Managers working at agencies and brands. We never bind you to any PPC strategy but equip you with all the tools you need to execute your creative strategies.

Sponsored Ads Optimization

PPC Ninja supports reporting, analytics and bid optimization for all ad types. Campaign creation is supported for Sponsored Products. We provide the choice of setting bid adjustments to auto-pilot mode after setting target ACoS.

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Display

Create SP ads with keyword targeting, discover new keywords and get bid recommendations. Run bid adjustments on auto-pilot after setting target ACoS.

The campaigns view for SB ads show you 3 advertised SKUs, as well as ad status such as running or rejected. Discover new keywords and access Search Term reports for SB headline ads.

The campaigns view for SD ads shows if the status is running or rejected. Access viewable impressions for vCPM campaigns.

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