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PPC Account Specialist

If you have had experience running your own Amazon business, are highly data driven, and excited by the idea of helping brands succeed on Amazon, then read on! We are inviting interested and capable individuals to a full time position as PPC Account Specialist at the fast growing Managed Services division of PPC Ninja.

Job Profile

This role requires you to guide great brands to success on Amazon through great advertising. You will be responsible for handling considerable advertising budgets and delivering sales and performance results based on client expectations. We, at PPC Ninja are looking to build Raving Fans, not just satisfied customers. If you have the basics of PPC clear then we will train you to become a Ninja based on our proven SOPs.

Skills and Background

  • Data driven with the ability to read and understand Amazon Business Reports, Advertising Reports

  • High level of analytical abilities

  • Very comfortable with Google Spreadsheets, Google Data studio or equivalent 

  • Solid working understanding of PPC, especially on Amazon

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Amazon seller or Amazon employee

  • Business savvy

  • Ability to manage client expectations

  • Ability to use modern collaboration tools such as Google Apps
  • Ability to learn how to use tools such Helium10, Brand Analytics etc 


  • Full time, remote, flexible hours

  • Friendly work environment

  • Startup culture 

  • Work closely with industry thought leaders

How to Apply

  • Tell us how you meet the requirements of the job and what you can bring to the table

  • Send us your LinkedIn profile

  • Send us a bio summarizing relevant experience 


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