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COVID-19 has thrown all of us out of gear.  But we are not allowing it to dampen our spirits. Instead, we plan to do something super constructive during this lockdown period.  


PPC Ninja is now offering a FREE Amazon PPC Mastermind to Amazon sellers. If your monthly ad sales are above 1000 USD, we invite you to join us on this 6-week deep dive into Amazon PPC. 


Read on..


Each mastermind cohort runs for 6 weeks. Hang out with amazing people from all over the world ​- online!

Each week we cover a different topic:

Week 1: Automatic Campaigns
Week 2: Product Targeting
Week 3: Sponsored Brands
Week 4: Campaign Structure
Week 5: Bid Optimization
Week 6: Sponsored Display

6 weeks will go by PRETTY quickly, especially with all the ground we plan to cover.


Also note that we will be video chatting ONCE A WEEK for 6 weeks (NO EXCUSES!) and since we are spread out globally we might NOT be able to meet during your waking hours. Most meetings are at 4 pm PST / 9 am ACT.

While we will try to keep concepts pretty generic, we will be sharing examples from our own PPC Ninja software, which you will all have a chance to try for 30 days as well as get a further 50% off on your first month's subscription if you go on to becoming a paying member.  Agencies, please contact us at support@ppcninja.com for rates.

Are you ready to invest in yourself? The next cohort begins  soon, so hurry and grab your seat at the table.


Ritu created a great environment to learn a very hard subject

Stone Tower


If this had been a paid program, what would you be willing to pay for what you learnt?

$1000 !!

Gradient Ocean

The course was so informative, easy to understand and Ritu is very knowledgeable and can answer any question. I learnt so much in a short period of time. Thank you Ritu

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