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PPC Ninja Managed Services 

✔ Amazon Sponsored Ads

✔ DSP (Demand Side Platform)

✔ Google Ads
✔ Walmart Ads
✔ Amazon Japan - Localization & PPC

Sponsored Ads

A majority of advertisers only focus on Sponsored Products keyword targeting as part of their advertising, which tends to be the most expensive. PPC Ninja looks for opportunities that can augment SP ads to help you scale with other ad types while drive ACoS and TACoS down. Our pricing starts at $1500/month.

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Display

Sponsored Products are great for bottom of funnel conversions. We conduct thorough keyword research to help you dominate the long tail.  

This is an underutilized ad type because it requires more setup work. That's why we focus heavily on SB ads to give you an edge over your competition

Perhaps the most complex ad type with lots of bells and whistles. It can quickly lose you money unless set up the right way, and that's what we help you do

Top of Funnel

Middle of Funnel

Focus on new-to-brand audiences, not just brand awareness

Contextual competitor targeting driving consideration and new-to-brand acquisition

Targeting long tail keywords with high purchase intent, along with retargeting and remarketing

Our Full Funnel Approach

PPC Ninja uses a full funnel strategy for Ad management. No over-dependence on a limited set of tactics that could stop delivering profitable results at any time because of Amazon's algorithmic changes

Demand Side Platform (DSP)

Amazon DSP is an additional option for those advertisers looking for brand awareness and new-to-brand customer acquisition beyond Sponsored Advertising. Great for driving upper funnel traffic with precise audience targeting both on and off Amazon, this is a great option if ROAS is not your primary KPI. Here are some opportunities for leveraging Amazon's 1st party shopper data. Minimum ad spend $10000/month. At this point we only work with customers who also engage us for Sponsored Ads.

Streaming (OTT) Ads

Responsive eCommerce Ads

Custom Creative Ads 

Drive brand awareness and consideration to shoppers on their connected TV sets with 15s non-skippable video content. 

Drive traffic to your product pages from eCommerce ads that bear Amazon's signature look and feel with star ratings and reviews 

Use custom brand imagery to drive traffic to targeted shoppers using Amazon's 1st party data for views, searches, purchases

Walmart Ads

Walmart is great for certain product categories. While Walmart ads are still not as sophisticated as Amazon Ads, they are slowly but surely getting better. Some of the latest changes to Walmart advertising include the introduction of second price auction, as well as the ability to show ads even if your product does not rank for prominent keywords.  Our pricing starts at US $800/month.

Google Ads 

Why run Google Ads to Amazon listings when conversion rates are bound to be lower than sponsored ads? This is because Amazon encourages and rewards external traffic signals and uses them in their algorithm for ranking and visibility. The more traffic sources that hit your Amazon pages and convert, the better.  PPC Ninja helps build out Google Ads campaigns with Amazon Attribution tracking at the keyword level. Pricing starts at US $600/month.

Amazon Japan: Localization and PPC 

Japan is the 3rd largest marketplace in the world, and more and more sellers are awakening to its potential. We offer localization services for your English listings. We have a team of native Japanese speakers who are experts at:

  • Product-Market Fit Analysis

  • Keyword Research

  • Competitor Research

  • Campaign creation (including video, custom headlines in local language)

  • PPC Management in Japanese

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