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Vika, 8-Figure Amazon Seller

"PPC Ninja taught me how to spend my Ad dollars wisely. It helped my European markets become much more stable and controllable. With PPC Ninja I can adjust keyword bids quickly and even compare with what Amazon recommends."

Dave, 6-Figure Amazon Seller

"I would recommend PPC Ninja to anyone who needs or wants to save time (translated: money) by streamlining their management process.  PPC Ninja is much more user friendly than the infrastructure inside Seller Central."

Nicole, Amazon Seller

I have participated in 2 masterminds now in small groups with Ritu. They have been a great environment to build PPC knowledge. Ritu creates a very open, non judging environment at a pace that is very comfortable to maintain.

Meet our Raving Fans!


"I have researched and tried multiple programs, some are too simplistic and others too clunky. PPC Ninja is powerful, flexible and relatively easy to use, which is why it's my #1 choice and what I use to manage my Amazon Ads."


The numbers say it all. Jim attended 2 of PPC Ninja's Masterminds programs, six 1-on-1 coaching sessions while using the software to completely change his approach to PPC. Jim and his 2 partners achieved 200% growth in overall sales and 300% in PPC Sales with an enviable 1.8% TACoS within a few months.


"PPC Ninja has been a lifesaver for me!  The software is easy to use, and saves an incredible amount of time.  Add in their strategy sessions and micro services and it’s a huge win for your business and bottom line!"

Pricing from $199 / month | 14-Day Trial

Risk-Free. No MWS Access Required.

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