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FREE PPC Audit Tool (Excel)

If you’ve been running PPC campaigns for a while and feel unsure of their effectiveness, try our FREE PPC Self Audit tool. This free PPC tool is Excel based, it takes your 90 day Targeting report as input and gives you an instantaneous analysis report that can serve as a great starting point for further analysis and action.


Targeting Report

Self Audit Report

Excel Based PPC Audit Tool

Your analysis highlights the percentage of keywords that are converting, non-converting and poorly converting, separated by match type. In addition, you can view your match type effectiveness,  campaign balance and wasted ad spend. These reports also include recommendations for improvements. 

This is actionable information that you won't find on seller central or in Amazon's ad reports!

Ready to try out our Amazon PPC automation tools? They literally function like an X-ray machine to help you dive deep into your data and take action where the problems are. We offer a 14 free trial, and you can check our pricing page for more details on our ASIN based tiers. 

Top 3 Reasons for poor PPC performance

The top 3 reasons for failure with PPC are listed below. It's easy to start off well but slowly lose track, unable to control ACoS or trigger significant sales and end up concluding that PPC does not work. 

Unclear Strategy

Many gurus, wild approaches, inconclusive experiments


Lack of Attention

Other business operations take up all the time and energy


Analysis Paralysis

Unwieldy amounts of data and constant changes by Amazon


A PPC Account Audit is the best way to identify where you might be going wrong with your PPC and how you might fix it.

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This is a FREE Excel tool that requires your 60 days Targeting report from Seller Central as input.  Complete the details below to access your self audit report. Instructions for use are included in the Excel. 

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