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Amazon Japan Managed Services 

✔ Product Opportunity Fit Analysis

✔ Listing Creation (SEO)

✔ Localization

✔ Keyword & Competitor Research

✔ Amazon PPC (in Japanese)

Listing Creation

PPC Ninja prides itself in having helped aggregators and large brands expand hundreds of products into Japan. We do not simply translated your listings, we localize and modify them to be suitable for the Japanese consumer.

Basic Listing

Images and Video

A+ Content

Starting with your existing listing we localize and enrich titles and bullet points with SEO rich keywords

Images and videos should always be localized and our pointers are in styles that Japanese people are most familiar with

A+ content should be localized keeping the Japanese consumer in mind. It's not just a simple translation.


Market Intelligence

We analyze data w such as Helium10, Jungle Scout and Brand Analytics

Competitor analysis is an important part of understanding market potential and ease of breaking in

After the first two steps we consider the voice of native consumers to determine PMF

Product Market Fit

PPC Ninja has a dedicated native Japanese team that will use data and a deep understanding of Japanese consumers to determine the potential of a product and the level of difficulty in having it be successful.

Keyword Research

Keyword research in Japan is different from English speaking markets. Relying on tools alone is not enough. We have a rigorous process of identifying the most suitable keywords for SEO and PPC, based on our understanding of the 4 Japanese scripts and their interplay: Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji and Romaji. Most Japanese readers are used to a combination of scripts, which makes it easier for them to process many ideas, both indigenous as well as foreign. If your product descriptions and PPC keywords do not take advantage of these different scripts, it would be harder for you to be discovered.

Compliance, IOR, Taxes

We have a great network of partners and service providers who will take care of these tricky aspects of selling on Japan that have deterred you from entering this market so far. These providers work seamlessly with us to deliver you the best experience at the best rates.

Amazon PPC

There are two goals of PPC - ongoing optimization and creative campaign execution. Our software is best suited for optimizations such as bid adjustments, budget adjustments, bidding strategies and placement modifiers. On the creative side, we have a great team that thinks about the best campaign structure, best keywords to rank for, which competitors to go after, best headline ad creatives to use. Being native Japanese experts, we understand the Japanese consumer mindset and can cater our strategies to bring you the best results.

​Why Amazon Japan?

Japan ranks as the world's fourth-largest marketplace. Boasting over 80% smartphone penetration and more than 70% of its population engaged in online shopping, the country is ideally positioned to embrace e-commerce to fulfill its needs.


Expand your business in Japan's booming e-commerce market with our tailored services:

  1. Product-Market Fit Analysis: Optimize product positioning for maximum impact.

  2. Listing Localization: Adapt listings to resonate with local customers.

  3. Keyword Research: Improve search visibility with targeted keywords.

  4. Competitor Research: Stay ahead with insights into rivals' strategies.

  5. Customized Campaigns: Engage audiences with localized videos and headlines.

  6. Japanese PPC Management: Efficiently manage ad spend with native expertise.

Leverage the expertise of our dedicated team of native Japanese speakers and market specialists to achieve success in the lucrative Amazon Japan marketplace.

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