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Certified VA

Proven SOPS

Timely PPC Execution

We provide you with virtual PPC assistant who is fully certified by Amazon Advertising as well as vetted by PPC Ninja as an operator of PPC Ninja software.

Our 36+ point SOP checklist is proven to deliver results. We use this checklist ourselves for all of our agency clients.

There are several tasks that need to be done with advertising on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. With PPC Ninja plus, you can rest assured they will get done on time,

Introducing PPC Ninja Plus

Offload your PPC Account Execution Headaches! If you are looking for a reliable VA to execute your advertising for you, we've got your back. We understand that starting and growing a business takes up a lot of time and effort. The simple task of learning a new software can seem arduous. This is why we have launched PPC Ninja Plus to help you operate our platform like a pro. This is an add-on service for our 99 ASIN tier, that gives you access to a dedicated PPC operator who will run your PPC Ninja software account based on a proven and pre-approved SOPs.

Ready for PPC Ninja Plus?

It always helps to talk things over. Go ahead and book a discovery call to see if PPC Ninja Plus is right for you.

✔ Certified PPC Virtual Assistant

✔ Proven SOPs

✔ Campaign Management

✔ Bid, Budget, Placement Management

PPC Account Execution


Peace of mind! You will have someone monitoring your account on a daily, weekly, monhly basis and ensuring that you don't have to!

  • A dedicated PPC Ninja expert VA to help implement our software on your behalf

  • Access to our 36+ point checklist of daily, weekly and monthly tasks to optimally manage your account

  • Discovery of new keywords and ASINs

  • Management of bleeding search terms

  • Bid management based on a data sufficiency model (vs time snapshots)

  • Google Data Studio with a performance dashboard shared with you for the latest up-to-date performance

  • Up to 2 support requests / instructions per month submitted through our portal (eg. ‘Change my monthly budget from 2k to 3k’, ‘Product is running low on stock, slow down ads’, ‘Push sales for SKUxyz because I have excess inventory’)

  • One 30-minute quarterly check-in meeting (FREE)

  • One time kick-off meeting to align on strategy and goals

What is NOT included?

This is not a full managed service, but rather an add-on service to help you get the most out of PPC Ninja software. To make it economically viable, the services will be limited to what is mentioned above and will NOT include:

  • Campaign creation (you will have to do this at your end)

  • Keyword research for product launches

  • Rank tracking

  • Account audits or strategic insights

  • Account reviews / customized reports

  • Weekly or monthly meetings

  • Implementation of discounts / coupons

What's included?

Initial Campaign Cleanup ($1500)

Campaign Creation ($499)

Special Event Management ($299)

If you are starting off with an inefficient campaign structure, we can help with a one-time account cleanup using best practices for campaign naming and structuring

  • Keyword research

  • Campaign creation

  • Bid optimization

  • Strategy meeting at the start

  • Transitioning to PPC Ninja Plus at the end of 30 days

  • Keyword research

  • Competitor research

  • Upto 25 Campaigns (all / any Ad types)

  • Prime Day, Cyber Week, Back to school, Valentines Day, Holidays, etc..

  • Campaign preparation for pre, post and during event

  • Strategy to support specific SKUs

  • Bids & Budget management

  • Ramp up & ramp down of target ACoS

Add-on Services

Who is it for?

For PPC Ninja software users with less than 99 ASINs (Parent & Child), focused on selling in 1 or 2 markets. If your business has scaled beyond this, we then would recommend using our PPC Managed Services with complete strategic account management.

Who is it NOT for?

This is not for you if you are an agency managing other clients

This is also not for you if you or your team members are not familiar with campaign creation and strategy, as this is not a task we will be doing at our end

This is not for you if you anticipate or require heavy back & forth communication. Please note that is a highly cost effective plan with limited services because we are eliminating time consuming interactions and one-off requests. If you need advanced management services, please consider our full PPC account management plan.​​

Who can use PPC Ninja Plus?

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