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  • How can PPC Ninja help me?
    PPC Ninja is a PPC software and service provider for Amazon advertisers, by Amazon advertisers. We generate millions of dollars of revenue for our clients each year. It's our job to be aware of the rapid changes being made to Amazon's advertising platform. We offer a two-pronged approach to making an overall PPC management successful. 1) Offload repetitive tasks to software PPC Ninja offers software and consulting services to Amazon sellers. Use our advanced reporting and automation tools to save hundreds of hours you spend on needless clicks and report downloads. ​ 2) Use humans to design a solid PPC strategy PPC Automation only works as well as your game plan. Poor campaign structures and processes render even the best automation tools useless. Ask for add-on Strategy Sessions, Account Audits or other Micro services to lay a solid foundation for your PPC. A good game plan will help you experience the lift in PPC sales that you've always dreamed of.
  • What is included in PPC Ninja Software?
    All plans include: Support for North America, Europe and Japan Fully functional 14-day free trial Reporting Tools Weekly Bid Change Recommendations
  • What PPC Consulting Services do you offer?
    All our micro-services are available as add-ons to your basic PPC Ninja Software. Examples incude Strategy Sessions PPC Account Audit Campaign Optimization Listing Optimization
  • When will I be charged?
    At the end of our 14-Day free trial, you will be issued an invoice for the following month.
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes! We accept credit card payments via Stripe.
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