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New Features to 10X your Productivity!

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

At PPC Ninja we take the approach of incremental development based on customer feedback. A lot of you have been generously sharing feedback, ideas and feature requests with us. Many of your requests required a complete overhaul of our architecture and we've made it happen. It took a bit of time and we thank you for your patience.

We are happy to announce the release of our blazing fast, highly efficient platform with features designed to help you 10x your productivity. Here we go...

1. Support for Targets within Sponsored Brands

Targets stand for ASIN targets or Category targets. So far our Sponsored Brands ads reporting was limited to keyword based ads alone. You had to switch to Seller Central to view Target performance data. Not anymore. You can now drill down to your ASIN and Category Target data right from the Targets view.

2. Support for Video Ads Reporting

Video ads have shown to have some of the highest click-through-rates for any ad type on Amazon and we wanted to quickly bring support for this ad type in our UI. To access your video ads data, simply click on Ad Types -> SB - Video in the Campaigns view.

[If you aren't running video ads, you should be! Access our start to finish video ads course to get started on video ads here.]

3. Change your Product Level Target ACoS in Bulk

Our Bid Recommendations requires product-level target ACoS values in order to calculate the right bid value. You can set this value either at the account level or at the product level.

Often you will want to change your target ACoS in bulk across a product line. You can do this via our Product Settings page. Let's say you want to set the target ACoS for all your Dog food SKUs in one go. Simply type some the common characters of the SKU name in the search field and this would filter out every other SKU. Next you can use the Bulk Operator and Set Target ACoS for all SKUs in the selection.

4. Improved Views

We love our unique, draggable columns! They just makes it so easy to rearrange your workspace based on your needs. A lot more views now have drag-and-drop style columns. Here are our new and updated views:

  • Manage Bleeding Search Terms

  • Move No-Impression Keywords

  • PPC Sales by Product

  • ASIN Campaign Map

5. Bid Change History

You can now view the history of bid changes across every ad type by visiting the Bid Change History view. This is a log of all your bid changes over time. If you aren't sure of when you last made a change you can simply type the keyword in and see all the changes you made by date. You can also access this Bid history through our charts at the keyword and target level.

6. New Markets

We now support a lot more Amazon Marketplaces! Here is the complete list of supported ones:

  • North America: US, CA, MX

  • South America: BR

  • Europe: UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, NL

  • Middle East: UAE

  • Far East: AU, SG, JP

7. Bid Recommendations for all supported Ad types!

We now provide daily bid recommendations for all these ad types:

  • Sponsored Products Manual - Keywords

  • Sponsored Products Automatic

  • Sponsored Products Manual - Product Targeting

  • Sponsored Products Manual - Category Targeting

  • Sponsored Brands - Keyword

  • Sponsored Brands - Product Targeting

  • Sponsored Brands - Category Targeting

  • Sponsored Brands Video

8. Faster Sync between Seller Central and PPC Ninja

Our new architecture allows us to sync with Amazon much faster. Any changes made on PPC Ninja are reflected on Amazon within 2-3 minutes. Any changes made on Amazon will be reflected within PPC Ninja within 10 minutes. This is a huge improvement over the earlier 6 hourly sync rate. This means that your dashboard will be more up-to-date than ever before!

9. Charts for Target Bids

Being able to see bid changes on a time line is a game changer! We now have bid charts for Targets as well. This was previously limited to keywords.

So there you have it! Lots of enhancements to help you be 10 times more productive with your PPC. We can't wait to have you explore each of these releases.

Don't forget to continue sharing feedback and feature requests with us. We're listening! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at

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