Amazon Placement Reports

Amazon Placement Reports

Amazon's Placement Reporting has come a long way. From showing only 3 options under the Placement column in their csv reports at the end of 2018, to 4 options in early 2019, to 5 options in late 2019, these reports provide a way to dig deeper into your data and ultimately allow better control over campaign performance.

The Placement Report can tell you a LOT about where your ads are being shown and how well they are performing at those placements. You get all the standard performance reporting like Impressions, Clicks, Sale, Orders etc.

Some placements are only available to certain accounts and you may not even see them (such as "Remarketing off-Amazon"). We are super pumped about the latest addition to the placements breakdown, which is "Detail Page on-Amazon". Specifically for Auto campaigns, this breakdown reports performance when your ad was shown on a detail page. Now this seems very similar to the "Product Pages on Amazon" placement, but we have a theory that this actually might refer to the case when the placement is one of your own products. It's still all very new. Let us know if you had a different theory, we'd love to hear about it.

How to locate these reports?

There are two ways to find these placement report types:

1. Seller Central UI: Placements Tab

2. Amazon Reports: Placement Reports

How to use Placement Reports?

Amazon offers the ability to modify bids by placement from 0-900%. To learn more about this technique, be sure to read our other post: How to the best placement for your Amazon ads. Please let us know if this short post sparked your curiosity or triggered a follow up question. We are happy to engage. Message us on social, or email at

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