Amazon PPC Management: 5 Time Savers with PPC Ninja

Updated: Oct 4

5 Time Savers with PPC Ninja

The problem with Seller Central Campaign Manager is that it is clunky and disjointed. You often need to click down several levels of a hierarchy and multiple tabs to access the data you want to analyze. In addition, you also have to schedule report downloads and then piece together disparate csv files to build up the full picture for your data over time. By the time you are done with these tedious, preparatory steps for analysis, you've lost a lot of precious time.

We want to make it easier for you. Here are some time savers you can count on within PPC Ninja. Some of these you're familiar with from Efficient Era, but some of them are brand new.

1. The 10,000 Foot View

Your PPC Ninja Dashboard gives you all the vital stats you need to audit your PPC performance. Select multiple KPIs and chart them simultaneously. While KPI tiles and graphs are accessible on Seller Central too, the one thing you will not get is Conversion Rate. (Such an important metric to miss!) Goes without saying that you can adjust date ranges and All-SKU vs Same SKU results from convenient drop downs. Plus, you can change your data aggregation from daily to weekly or monthly.

If you want to check the performance of your keywords and match types and more interested in aggregates, then go for the Targeting report. This will have way less rows and is more manageable.

If you want to stop keyword bleeding, graduate your keywords to a different match type, strategically do negative keyword targeting, or discover new terms then go for the Search Term report.

2. Bulk Operations 

Our bid recommendations can now be accepted in bulk. Simply select the Action checkbox for all items, then select the action you want to take (Accept/Reject) from the drop down. If you ever want to revisit all the changes you ever made to a bid through PPC Ninja or on Amazon, simply click on 'Bid History' in the left pane.

3. X-Ray Your Data

Like an X-ray machine, we cut through hierarchies and structures to uncover and flatten out all your data into convenient list views. The fancy technical term for this is 'normalization'. So you can see all your Keywords, Search Terms, Campaigns, Campaign Negative Keywords and Ad group Negative Keywords in their own searchable, sortable lists instead of being spread out across a complex hierarchy of Campaigns and Ad groups. Imagine how many clicks you save!

4. Double Quote Searches

Most of our search fields now support double quote searches. What this means is that if you want to search for the keyword "dog food" by itself, not as part of a longer keyword that contains it, now you can. Simply surround the term you want to examine in double quotes. 

5. PPC Sales by Product (Yes!)

The most important thing you want to know from your PPC data is how many sales you made. Nowhere on Seller Central does Amazon give you a breakdown of PPC sales performance by ASIN. Campaigns yes, but these days we all have multiple campaigns targeting a single ASIN, so it's hard to extract product level sales data. If you haven't noticed it yet, go check out 'Sales Trend' at the bottom of the left nav-bar. Type your product's name and data range and see daily PPC sales performance.

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