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Sponsored Brand Video Ads - Step by Step Guide

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Sponsored Brand Video ads have INSANELY high click through rates, almost 6 times higher than Sponsored Product ads. Moreover, they take up 4 organic listings worth of real estate on page 1 of search results!

As a smart seller, you already know that video is a powerful way to get people interested in your product. Yet, creating video ad creation seems cumbersome and expensive. We're here to tell you that it does not have to be that way. You can create video ads fairly inexpensively with a little planning and a few tools yourself.

In this guide we want to outline the steps to get you over to the finish line with your first video ad. Here we go...

About Sponsored Brands Video Ads

  • A type of Sponsored Brands ad, available to brand registered sellers

  • Links directly to the product detail page

  • Can showcase only 1 product

  • Is a short video clip

  • Can target Keywords, Categories and Products

  • No creative messaging available

  • Shows up mostly on Page 1, but slowly being rolled out on Product Detail Pages

  • Is generally autoplaying and will loop endlessly

  • Don't begin with black slide

  • No pillar-boxing allowed (No black bars on any side)

  • Needs to be 6-45 sec long (shorter the better, ideal 10-30 sec)

  • File size should be 500 MB or smaller

  • Dimensions need to be 1920 x 1080

  • File type could be MP4 or MOV file

  • Ideal bit rate: 1200

Video Ad Styles

We examined hundreds of video ads and categorized them down to styles.

1. 2D Pan and zoom

Use the lifestyle photos you already created to put together a slide show with panning and zooming with an editor like Canva or Biteable. Adding in some animated text can deliver the message quite effectively and inexpensively.

2. Show and tell:

Show off your product's best feature or benefit to wow the viewer, like in this knife video, the sharpness. You can use your smartphone or professional videography. The choice is yours. Both can look great. Just keep the shopper in mind when you come up with the storyboard. You don't need a ton of ideas, just one or two best ones are fine.

3. Animation

This is great for depicting certain aspects of your product's features or benefits that are hard to depict through video or still photos. For example for showing multiple layers inside a mask or data transfer across devices. It could also be great for 360 videos or eye catching 3D renders.

This generally requires a skilled graphics expert to build and can be somewhat expensive to produce.

Tools you'll need to create a 2D Pan and Zoom ad

  • 5-6 high quality lifestyle photos

  • Video storyboarding app: e.g.,,

  • Image processing app: Canva for high quality images

  • Background removal: Lunapic, Preview app (on Mac)

  • Bit rate adjustment: Handbrake

Steps: With Canva

  1. Create a Design -> Video

2. Pick any simple template

3. Upload your photos

4. Select Transitions

5. Add text

6. Add text animations

7. Switch audio track if needed

8. Download

9. Use Handbrake to adjust bit rate to 1200

10. Upload asset to Amazon and create ad

11. Wait for approval (24 h)

Steps: With Biteable

  1. Upload 6-7 photos/video clips to Biteable or pick from their gallery

  2. Pick the Product Slideshow template

  3. Create 6-7 scenes and set background to each of your photos

  4. Add captions as needed

  5. Animate captions

  6. Animate transitions

  7. Modify music as needed

  8. Download

  9. Use Handbrake to adjust bit rate to 1200

  10. Upload asset to Amazon and create ad

  11. Wait for approval (24 h)


Best Practices

  1. Video should not rely on audio since these are muted by default

  2. The first few seconds are the most important

  3. Use fast motion to grab attention

  4. The first frame will serve as a thumbnail so pick wisely

  5. Use your existing keyword research to create as many video ads as you have Sponsored Product ads. Same video, just separate keywords

  6. Separate your ads by match type

  7. No keyword stuffing. Have no more than 10 - 20 keywords for each ad for best budget utilization

  8. Don't forget to create a category targeting ad, it's the easiest one to setup

  9. Use your competitor target ASIN list and target them

  10. Best to use long tail keywords since the min CPC is 0.25

  11. Best match types: Phrase, Exact

  12. Avoid Broad Match, use Broad Match Modifier instead for clean data (eg. +garlic +press)

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to comment down below or email us at!

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