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Keyword Rank Tracking with PPC Ninja

Thoughts on Amazon PPC Dayparting and our Amazon PPC Agency will use it

Limitations of Keyword Rank Tracking Tools

The problem with Keyword Rank Tracking tools available in the market today is their proprietary hold on data. Platforms like Helium10 and Jungle Scout offer excellent capabilities for keyword rank tracking. However, accessing this data is restricted to their applications.

To analyze keyword trends, users must navigate to the tools' trend charts. Downloading daily rank values into a spreadsheet is cumbersome, requiring manual snapshots each day for tracking.

A better way!

Imagine if you could obtain date-wise rank tracking information accessible outside the tracking application. What if you could integrate rank data with other critical metrics such as Search Query Performance (SQP) and Ad performance? PPC Ninja's new Keyword Rank Tracking tool is designed to offer exactly that!

We export your data daily into your very own Data Warehouse (e.g., BigQuery), enabling you to combine this daily data with your Ad data, SQP data, and other data streams. This initiative is part of our "Data Room" concept, aiming to empower every seller with data ownership.

Keyword first, not ASIN first

PPC Ninja's rank tracker tool offers a unique advantage: you only need to upload your desired tracking keywords once, without the need to list ASINs or repeat the process for each ASIN. Our software automatically detects all your ASINs and tracks them for those keywords. ASINs ranking on pages 1 or 2 will be indicated in the tracker; otherwise, the rank will be marked as null. This approach not only saves time but also provides a comprehensive overview of all your ASINs that share the same keywords.

An invitation to try our Rank Tracker

We are now inviting every PPC Ninja user to set up rank tracking for up to 10 keywords for FREE as part of their default plan.

Watch the Replay

PPC Ninja is a powerful software helping agencies and brand owners increase their advertising efficiency with cutting edge techniques such as the Bid Sufficiency model, Keyword Rank Tracking, Day Parting and more. Sign up for a 14-day free trial here.

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