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Data Sufficiency in Bid Optimization

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

I just adjusted my bids 3 days ago. Is it ok if I adjust again today? Would that be too soon?

PPC is a numbers game, and you’ll need to get pretty good at it to win. In this article that I wrote for the Wild PPC Bunch, I want to focus on the idea of data sufficiency in bid optimization. But before that, let’s get aligned on some basic concepts.

When it comes to making bid adjustments on an ongoing basis, there are three important factors to consider:

  1. Triggers: “What triggers should I be watching for in my data to make an adjustment?”

  2. Amounts: “Once I know which triggers to act on, by how much should I change–10%, 15%, or some other value?”

  3. Cadence: “I just made a change three days ago, and my numbers don’t look good. Is it time for another change? Is it too soon?”

Most people follow the standard practice of downloading their search terms report for the past ten days. They make adjustments based on whatever data they see there. If the ACoS is high, they lower the bid by a certain percentage. They increase the bid by a certain percentage if the ACoS is low. And, if there are clicks and no sales, they lower the bid.

To avoid chaotic, panic-based bid adjustments, let’s try to approach bid optimization from the perspective of Triggers, Amounts, and Cadence.

Read my full article here.

Watch this video to learn about PPC Ninja's Bid Sufficiency algorithm:

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