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Amazon PPC: How much do competitors bid on your shared keywords?

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Bidding correctly on keywords lies at the heart of a good PPC strategy. Bid too high and you risk increasing your ACoS. Bid too low, and you risk being starved of impressions.

We are beyond stoked to announce that PPC Ninja has just rolled out access to the Amazon Recommended Keyword Bid Range for your keywords. This bid range is dynamically calculated from incredible amounts of competitor data that Amazon has access to. The bid range reveals how much your competitors are bidding on your winning bids.

For example, if the bid range for a keyword is 0.54 ~ 1.7 and your bid is 0.43, it means you are bidding below the market rate, and you may not get any impressions at all, unless other people's budgets run out. If you bid higher than the upper end of the range, it means that you are substantially increasing your chances of winning the auction, although Amazon will also consider other factors such as past performance.

As an aside, the maximum you can bid on a keyword is $49 for the US.

With PPC Ninja, you can now access the Amazon Recommended Big Range right within the Bid Recommendations view.

This helps you make better decisions about new keyword bids, based on the current market value of the keyword, thus greatly increasing your chances of conversions. 

Sign up now to unlock your 14-day free trial, and access cutting edge PPC automation tools that no other software provides.

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Cory Shelton
Cory Shelton
Aug 16, 2021

Thanks great bloog


Unknown member
Mar 28, 2020

You provide excellent information,it helps a lot.Kindly visit for more information on amazon ppc.

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