Amazon Performance Over Time Report

What's inside the 'Performance Over Time' Report?

Updated: Apr 16

Amazon provides a variety of useful reports to analyze your advertising data. As of April 2020 Amazon provides:

  • 7 reports for Sponsored Products Campaigns

  • 4 Reports for Sponsored Brands Campaigns and

  • 5 reports for Sponsored Brands Video Campaigns

Some of your might have access to a third type of campaigns called the Sponsored Display campaign. This last type does not have any reports at the moment since it is in Beta.

Performance Over Time Report

There is one report though that befuddled us. With a very pompous title of "Performance Over Time", this report really needs to step up its game. Have you noticed it amongst others in the Advertising Reports section of Sponsored Product Ads? If you haven't, it's ok, you didn't miss much.

You can find it under Sponsored Products, Report Type = "Performance Over Time". The reason why we dedicated a whole post to it, is that we get asked about it a lot.

Amazon Sponsored Products Ads Reports

All it contains is 5 columns with not much data, (and that's an understatement). Here are the columns:

  1. Start Date

  2. End Date

  3. Clicks

  4. CPC

  5. Spend

Wow! Notice, that even the most basic metrics such as ad generated Sales are not present, to say nothing of ACoS. The only additional dimension you could add to this report is data aggregation, where Amazon allows you to pick from either 'daily' or 'summary' aggregation.

Amazon Performance Over Time Report

We would have loved to see this report providing metrics like revenue, ACOS, CTRs on a monthly or quarterly basis, maybe even by product. So far, it's one report with not much use. We hope Amazon is reading this.

Other Types of Amazon Advertising Reports

To learn more about all the other types of reports available from Amazon, visit our post on Amazon Sponsored Products Ad Reports.

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