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The Importance of Optimizing Your PPC

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

As a newbie seller on Amazon, your visibility should be on top of your list. Launching your first product on the market can be challenging, especially if you're just getting started on your career. You would often find yourself stuck in the bottom where a lot of other similar products are on top of yours. One way to increase your visibility and opportunity to sell your product is by optimizing your PPC. In this summary post, we are going to talk about the importance of optimizing your PPC and campaign strategies that would help sellers, especially the new ones, to increase their visibility. We want you to decide which campaign suits you best and what makes more sense to you.

1. Setting Up Your First Campaign (Campaign Structure)

There are a lot of steps that you can follow online when it comes to finding the right campaign structure. Amazon provides guidelines on how to set up your first campaign. The most effective campaign there is on the market today is the auto campaign. A lot of sellers use it nowadays just to run auto campaigns for a few weeks and extract essential keywords. Once you got the matching keywords right, you can now create manual campaigns and work with it until it fully develops. You might think that auto campaigns in Amazon only attract keywords, but it has changed over the years. It is now equally powerful to match products as well. Amazon has changed the structure of auto campaigns. There are four target groups on the Add group tab that Amazon added on the structure, which are:

  • Substitutes

  • Compliments

  • Close Match

  • Loose Match

A lot of sellers are confused about which structure they should bid. We are currently in the process of having separate campaigns for the four structures. In this way, sellers will not only control their bids but will also have power over their budgets. Experimenting on which structure you should follow makes it easier for sellers to decide on what to do based on their collected data.

2. Don’t Negate Harvested Keywords

There can be several reasons why the strategy of blocking keywords from the source won't increase your product visibility. Here are our two reasons why you should not negate keywords that you have harvested out through your auto campaigns.

  • Bringing in Sales - These extracted keywords from auto campaigns are the ones making it possible to actually bring in sales compared to the manual ones. It maintains the flow of sales so you don’t have to negate and block those keywords from the source.

  • Other products become negative too - When you decide you deny keywords to block off well-performing keywords, you are also saying that other products on that keywords are harmful as well. As mentioned above, Amazon is now capable of product-based matches, so other products will show up to become negative too, and potentially be blocked from the market.

3. Product Targeting Ads

There are a lot of product targeting ads that you can set up for you to find the ideal products to target. Brand registered sellers can access brand analytics which has three related product sources:

  • Market Basket

  • Item Comparison

  • Alternative purchase

These related product sources allow sellers to know which products to target best. They are in three separate campaigns as well to let sellers choose the amount to bid on each.

4. Category Targeting Ads

These targeting ads work just like auto campaigns. The targeted products are grouped into categories, so when you set up a new category targeting ad, Amazon automatically links the product's category. It is not only limited to one category. You can also target other groups that you think has more products. Either way, this targeting ad brings in results the fastest.

5. How Much Time To Spend On PPC

When you are launching your first product on the market, you might want to monitor your campaigns every single day until it reaches a stage of maturity. When you enter a particular stage of maturity on your campaign, you can then go automatic. Several sellers out there don't have the time to look at their PPC now and then. That is why it is only practical to go automatic for sellers to not spend too much time on every keyword they have for your products.

When you are just starting your business, and you want to have what is best for your products, you don't have to hesitate to go with Amazon PPC. To learn more about this summary post, click the link here to view the full interview with Regina Peterburgsky:

Did this post spark your curiosity or trigger a question? Comment below or email us at We'd love to hear from you!

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Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma
Aug 06, 2022

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma
Aug 06, 2022

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