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10 Ideas for Amazon Product Targeting Ads

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Targeting on Amazon is no longer JUST about keywords. Amazon has already switched its targeting options from being Buyer Search Term centered, to now include Product and Category targets as well. This is clear from the way the new Auto Campaigns are structured and the fact that we can actually place our ads in front of other ASINs. How cool is that!

Are you taking advantage of these powerful advertising options, or are you STILL on the fence? If you are unsure about Product Targeting (ASIN targeting,) and all their benefits, we’ve talked ad nauseam about the topic on our blog. We highly recommend getting caught up on these other articles as well:

Expand your Options

This post is dedicated to those who are willing to take the next step with Product Targeting ads (aka ASIN targeting or Product Attribute Targeting). You know who you are. You get that the expensive tactics to rank on Page 1 have diminished in value especially because of how crammed Amazon has become with Sponsored Ads. Amazon was smart to make them look just like native listings, so they could hide them in plain sight, and collect more dollars for each click from shoppers who can’t tell them apart.

As of 2020, you not only need to worry about winning organic keywords, you’ve also got to win ad placements, wherever you can find opportunities! The good news is that there are plenty of placements to show your ads and we will show you exactly where. Below we talk about 10 different ideas to identify ASINs to target, so you can show up in their funnel and catch attention in ways that keyword targeting can’t. Here we go.

Idea #1: Auto Targeting Search Term Reports ASIN targets

You are already running Auto Campaigns, so this one will be easy. The Search Term report for Auto campaigns shows you ASINs that people clicked on before they landed on your listing. Now it’s your turn to use this valuable data to intentionally target those ASINs with Product Targeting ads. There is a relevance association that Amazon already established algorithmically between your product and that one, so half your job is already done.

If you are a PPC Ninja user, either click on the Search Terms report tab (for legacy Auto campaigns) or the Targeting Reports tab (for new Auto Campaigns) and discover ASINs that were click-through conversions from Complements, Substitutes or Category targeting.

Idea #2: Brand Analytics - Market Basket Analysis report

Market Basket Analysis in Data Science is based on a theory that if you buy a certain group of products, then you are more likely to buy another group of items. This is what guides aisle design in retail stores as well as digital shelves on Amazon as well.

Market Basket Analysis - Brand Analytics

The Market Basket Analysis report in Brand Analytics is a free report showing all the different ASINs that are typically purchased together with your ASIN. Extremely powerful data directly directly from Amazon that can be used to create ads that show up in the “Sponsored Products Related to this Item” carousel on Amazon.

Market Basket Analysis - Brand Analytics

Idea #3: Brand Analytics - Item Comparison Report

Next on the list is the Item Comparison Report that shows all the different ASINs that were viewed and compared against your ASIN. These are your direct competitors! Why wouldn’t you target their products? Shopping behavior already indicates evidence of interest.

Item Comparison and Alternate Purchase

Idea #4: Brand Analytics - Alternate Purchase Report

Clubbed together with the list above is the Alternate Purchase behavior report. This shows all the different ASINs that were purchased instead of your ASIN. This means these are super relevant targets and with a low bid you could attract shoppers that are on the fence.

Idea #5: Reverse ASIN tools for Competitor Discovery

A lot of reverse ASIN tools like Helium10 can give you access to competitor ASIN lists. Use these to create low bid product targeting ads. This is a set of 10 campaigns I created for a SINGLE advertised product based on competitor lists.

Product Targeting Ads

Don’t be afraid to set up multiple campaigns at a low bid per target. With PPC Ninja’s easy cut and paste ASIN target list, this process of Product Target creation is super easy, taking no time at all.

Idea #6: Frequently Bought Together Carousel on Amazon

Let’s say you aren’t Brand Registered, don’t have access to Brand Analytics, nor do you use any reverse ASIN tool. You can still do some manual research by spending some time examining what Amazon is saying about products purchased together with yours.

Amazon Sponsored Products

Idea #7: Amazon’s Category Targeting Suggestions

At the time of setting up a Category Targeting ad through Sponsored Products, Amazon makes it super easy for you to target the most relevant category for your product. Don’t just stop there! Be creative. Explore more related subcategories on your own. You’ll be surprised how many sub-categories there are now on Amazon that you could potentially target.

Idea #8: Amazon’s Product Targeting Suggestions

When setting up Product Targeting ads, Amazon already provides a list of target ASINs. Many of these might seem irrelevant, but bid low on them and test anyway. Amazon has access to a LOT of data that we cannot see. You will be surprised at how valuable this ASIN recommendations list can be, and this is getting better by the day!

Idea #9: Related Products in Your Own Catalog

Target closely related products in your own catalog! Not everyone will agree with this strategy, but I consider this a great way to play defensive and also simulate upsells and downsells by placing related products in close proximity. See my post on the Funnel-in-Funnel Strategy for Product Targeting Ads for more details.

Idea #10: - Visual Product Mapping Tool

When I discovered, I was overjoyed. Not only is this tool fun to use, it’s also very useful because it scrapes “Frequently Purchased Together Items” in real time. While this tool might be going away soon, you can see how useful this can be in terms of visually identifying product bundling patterns for your Product targeting ads.

[UPDATE: This tool by is no longer available. For yasiv alternatives please refer to this post]


Most advertisers never go beyond 1 auto and a few manual campaigns for their products. Now is the time to claim your early mover advantage with Product Targeting. I hope these ideas were useful in getting you thinking about more ways to expand and scale!

Did this post spark your curiosity or trigger a question? Comment below or email us at We'd love to hear from you!

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