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Branded Keywords: How to Defend Your Brand on Amazon

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

If you type ‘Gatorade’ into Amazon’s search bar, what do you expect to see? Gatorade, right? I did a little test to see if that was true, and thankfully it was. I also noticed that all the choices I was given above the fold were advertisements, not organic listings. Which means Gatorade is paying ad dollars to defend their branded keywords.

Amazon’s search results page has started to look more and more like this image, where the entire space above the fold is taken up by Sponsored Ads. What this means is that a busy shopper will be more likely to simply click on the first result that meets their needs regardless of whether it is paid or organic . Visually speaking the two are barely distinguishable except for the letters “Sponsored” written in tiny, light-grey font.

So the question is, should you throw money at your branded keywords to win prominent ad spots on Amazon?

Read more on our guest post for the AMZ Advisers blog.

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