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5 Amazon PPC Bulk Operations to Save you Time

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

How many of us regularly use Bulk file uploads? I would assume that over 90% of Amazon sellers are either unaware of bulk uploads or are intimidated by them. In case you hadn’t noticed, the Bulk Operations tab sits right in the middle of Campaign Manager UI on Seller Central and AMS. 

It allows you to download all your advertising data, covering all your campaigns, adgroups and keywords in spreadsheet format, make bulk adjustments and then upload it right back to Seller Central (or AMS). Super convenient if you know how to use it and manage to get past all the errors and warnings that are invariably generated.

But today’s post is NOT about the bulk file uploads feature. It's about performing bulk operations without using any spreadsheets. Read on..

Campaign Manager has a handy little button called Filter. I use it to filter on a certain condition, then use the select all check box to carry out certain bulk operations. This combination of Filter + Select works in all list views and is indispensable for making sweeping changes to large data sets fairly quickly and effortlessly.

Amazon PPC bulk operations

Here are 5 uses for Campaign Manager bulk operations:

1. Adjusting Budgets

You can increase or decrease budgets for all campaigns based on whether your ACOS is less than or greater than Target ACoS. For this you need to filer on Advertising Cost of Sale and select the operations modifier to > an ACoS value. For example, in this case, I set it to 60%. 

amazon ppc acos

Next, I click on the Select All checkbox, and apply a $ or % change to budgets. Click save and Boom! You’re done!

Amazon Bulk Changes

2. Adjusting Bids

You can also drill down to the Keywords view, and accomplish the same thing with bid adjustments. Before you do so, make sure you have a long enough look back window. I tend to pick >90 days of data in order to make a judgement. 

3. Pausing Campaigns

Now let’s say that there are some campaigns that are running amok with unacceptable ACoS over extended periods of time. Say you want to just pause all those campaigns till you figure out how to improve the offer, the listing or add more relevant keywords. You can do that from the Campaign Manager. Simply select ACOS > say 80, select all and just Pause.

4. Pausing or Archiving Keywords

Again, you can pause keywords too. Let’s say you want to pause bleeding keywords that have repeatedly had clicks and no sales. Set the filter to Orders = 0, Set Clicks > 10 (or some number you are willing to live with) and simply pause those keywords. And while you are at it, do an export of that pre-filtered view so you can also examine those for potential negative keywords to proactively add to your Auto-campaigns.

5. Customizing for Prime Day

Every year Prime Day is a huge event where we want to proactively increase our budgets on high converting campaigns to 2x or 3x. And when Prime Day is down you might want to bring those budgets back to baseline values. Simply use the steps for #1 above, just make sure you pick campaigns that have an acceptable ACOS and good sales history before you change budgets by a %age value. 

So there you have it - 5 Nifty operations you can try today with Campaign manager and zero excel skills. I have merely scraped the surface with the use cases there are so many. For inspiration, check out all the different options your can filter on. The possibilities are practically unlimited.

Amazon PPC bulk operations

Eager to know if you used this feature or knew about it. Comment or reply if this post sparked your interest.

Bulk Operations WITHOUT Seller Central

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Did this post spark your curiosity or trigger a question? Comment below or email us at We'd love to hear from you!

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