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What is a good Max daily budget for Amazon Sponsored Products campaigns?

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

What is a good campaign budget? How should you manage bids? How to set a reasonable target ACoS? We explore these questions and more in this product demo / webinar for PPC Ninja.

In this webinar we cover the following topics:

  1. Bid Management : How to manage bids

  2. Target ACoS Management : How to manage Target ACoS

  3. Budget Management : How to calculate a good minimum daily budget

1. Bid Management

Bid management is the core of PPC management effort. How much should you bid in a keyword? Ever keyword is battle ground when bidding it right as we want our keywords to show the right ad.


Our goal in bid management is to:

• Prevent wasteful spend

• Leverage Opportunity

• Maximize ROI

This 2-by-2 grid helps you visualize keyword bids versus the ACoS they are at. For example, high ACoS and high bid values are not sustainable. You might want to use the strategy when you are launching but over time, you do want to bring your bid down.

ACos vs Bids
Acos Vs Bid Tool defines some strategies for effective bidding

3 ways to adjust bids in PPC Ninja

  • Keywords View Direct Override

  • Keyword View Bulk %age Up/Down

  • Bid Recommendations Override

2. Setting Target ACoS

In the previous section we talk about high ACoS and low ACoS. How do you set the threshold for high/low ACoS? There is no place on Seller Central to do so. PPC Ninja has the ability to generate recommendation based on target ACoS. We compare your current ACoS with target ACoS and recommend step down or step up.


● Investment threshold - Set up a maximum investment limit

● Break even ACoS - Be aware of the absolute maximum you are willing to spend in promoting a product before it becomes unprofitable.

● Reasonable Recommendations: Set your ACoS targets at reasonable levels

The example below shows by dropping the bid to low value by 80% would result in low impressions and sales. Work with reasonable step by step approach by dripping the bid slowly and testing it at each phase till you reach your target ACos of 15%

Setting Target ACoS
Avoid unreasonable drops in bidding prices


  1. Settings - Profiles and Markets

  2. Settings - Products

3. Budget Management

When it comes to deciding on a minimum daily budget for your Amazon Sponsored Products, you want to base it off of your conversion rate history.


• Limit daily spend - The most common reasons for setting a budget

• Encourage sales - The more optimized approach to allowing PPC to work for you

Conversion Rates vs Budgets
Use conversion rates or historic data to set budgets

Conversion rate formula
Adjusting budget based on conversion rate

After you have have a budget, don't forget to test, test and test again.


  1. Campaigns View Direct Override

  2. Campaigns View Bulk Adjustments

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