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ASINs in Search Term Reports

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Who here gets annoyed, or at least baffled by how ASINs infiltrate your search term reports? Amazon's algorithms combine ASINs within Search Term reports so you can tell which ASIN a buyer visited before they ended up on your listing. The combined reporting however, creates more work for PPC Managers, who would rather see them filtered out.

Amazon Search Term Reports
ASINs in Amazon Search Term Reports

ASIN based Customer Search Terms

Don't get me wrong. The knowledge of which competitor or other ASINs led to your listing is super useful for advanced tactics such as Product Targeting based on ASIN data. However, the most common use-cases for Search Term reports are:

  1. New Keyword Discovery

  2. Negative Keyword Discovery

I typically have to filter my Search Term report to first hide all ASINs starting with "B0" and then apply additional filters to slice and dice keyword data to determine their worth.

PRO TIP: In case you did not know this, ASINs cannot be blocked out as 'negative keywords'. This is because the negative keyword functionality of keyword targeting campaigns (as opposed to product targeting campaigns in 2019), will simply treat your B0xxxxxxx strings as plain text keywords. Even if you find that same ASIN traffic is causing clicks but no sales, or if a particular ASIN traffic is not converting too well, there is unfortunately, nothing you can do to block them out with keyword based campaigns.

Introducing the ASIN Filter

If your goal is to identify customer search terms as new or negative keyword targets, we've just made your job a little easier. Introducing... the ASIN filter!

Now, your Search Terms view inside PPC Ninja comes with a Hide/Show button for 2 scenarios:

  1. Buyer Search term report with ASINs

  2. Buyer Search term report without ASINs

This is a one-click implementation that will allow you to quickly filter out ASINs from the Search Term report and allow you to carry out further analysis. Simply click the Hide ASINs button to hide ASINs.

Let us know how you like this new feature! And if there are some annoyances that get in the way of you being a super productive PPC Ninja, let us know! Our team would be happy to see how we can make your ninja life better!

Did this post spark your curiosity or trigger a question? Comment below or email us at We'd love to hear from you!

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