Black Friday, Cyber Monday Data Tracking with Portfolios

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are around the corner. Are you prepared? How will you make sense of your PPC data this time? We are here to tell you about a nifty little tool on your Seller Central and Advertising Console UI called Portfolios.

Portfolios to the Rescue

Housed in the left pane of your campaign manager (both Seller Central and AMS) portfolios are particularly easy to miss, especially since they don't perform a mission critical role in the advertising process. But if you are one who geeks out on PPC, you will appreciate how portfolios can be a powerful and effective way of organizing campaigns by type, purpose or buyer intent, giving you an edge over others.

Black Friday - Cyber Monday - Holiday Data

Portfolios can add a level of sophistication to your overall measurement and reporting. Campaigns grouped into portfolios also have the advantage of having their data reported in standard Advertising reports such as the Search Term report or the Advertised Product report.

How to use Portfolios for Black Friday/Cyber Monday Measurement

If you want to measure the performance of products you're running Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) deals on, or even if you have your own coupons running during BFCM Day(s), bucket them all into a separate portfolio and label it BFCM. This can help you easily track that set of products before, during and after BFCM, saving you tons of time.

Visually Track Results

Combing campaigns this way helps track the collective metrics on those products. Easily track numerical data and watch for spikes along a visual timeline. While a campaign can only belong to one portfolio at a time, it can easily be moved between portfolios with just a few clicks.

Amazon Black Friday/Cyber Monday Campaign Manager

Combine Sponsored Products and Brands

One nice thing about a portfolio is that you can combine Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brand campaigns within a portfolio.

Measure New-to-Brand Metrics on BFCM Day(s)

With Sponsored Brands you also have 4 additional tracking dimensions available to you. These are New-to-Brand Orders, Sales, % Orders and % Sales. Once you have isolated BFCM Day deals into a portfolio, you can watch these metrics in isolation and measure the %age of BFCM Day shoppers that are repeat customers vs new-to-brand buyers.

Budget Cap by Portfolio

A cool feature of portfolios is that you could either let it run on unlimited budgets, in which case it picks up whatever budgets you've already set at the individual campaign level, or assign a budget cap at the portfolio level.

Now that you know how to combine products this way, you can also customize this idea to use it for other holiday events or periods when you are running deals on a subset of your product line. Is anyone using portfolios in other creative ways?

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