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How Smart Sellers Advertise their Way to Success

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

There are no shortcuts to success on Amazon. You've got to be on top of your game if you want to stay in the game.

We recently teamed up with the 7 Figure Seller Summit to discuss some game changing opportunities with Amazon PPC and how smart sellers are able to be SO successful on Amazon. What are the strategies and mindsets they embrace to win the game?

The 5 winning strategies that we found based on surveying the hundreds of sellers we've interacted with boil down to these:

  • Mimic the big fish

  • Ride on competitor success

  • Diversify your ad types

  • Train the algorithm

  • Be obsessed with Data

Let's talk about each.

1. Mimic the big fish

Everyone starts small. Those that rise to success are the ones that have their eyes on the big fish in the pond. Always try to mimic the big players. Find out what they do better and go beyond.

This example shows how this year old company is crushing it on Amazon by mimicking the big players with excellent branding, a beautiful store front and many techniques to boost sales such as virtual bundles. With some high quality graphics and messaging it's easy to do this. Amazon provides modular store front layouts that can make any store look professional and established.

2. Ride on competitor success

Virtually no product on Amazon is truly unique. If you look at your own niche, you are likely to find a page full of search results that look just like you. With tools you can find out which of these competitors are selling higher quantities per month. You then want to target those competitors with ASIN targeting ads.

What this does is that it gives you access to their traffic, because you can show up in close proximity to their listings or ads. This is a great way to lure customers into your funnel, especially if you have a great product.

3. Diversify your ad types

If you only focus on Keyword based ads, you will miss out and quickly be replaced. The only way to establish yourself on Amazon is if you show up in multiple placements targeting keywords, categories, brands and products. Using Video ads can help you gain real estate on the top page of search results.

While video ads have a higher starting CPC, because the click through rates and conversion rates are so good, they work out to be more effective, and give you the added advantage of appearing to be an established brand.

Use every ad type you have access to, test each placement and double down on your successes.

4. Train the Algorithm

Amazon is a machine learning based algorithm. If someone searches for something, finds your product and buys from you, it's a signal to Amazon that that search was relevant for your product. If this pattern repeats a few times then you start establishing "relevancy" for that search.

Why wait for Amazon to figure this out over an extended period of time when you can take things into your hands and advertise on the exact same keywords and targets that you have already started establishing relevancy for.

Smart sellers do not stop at keywords. They will also accelerate the relevancy by targeting Products, Categories and Brands. All of these targeting options are available to you. Use them to train the algorithm.

5. Be obsessed with data

You don't have to pay for expensive tool to learn what the data is telling you. There is also a ton of data that you can get for FREE from Amazon. Your Business Reports and Advertising reports are gold mines of shopper behavior. In addition you can use Chrome based tools like Helium10, Jungle Scout and Merchant Words to learn about the competitive landscape.

Advertising is not a one time setup effort. It requires you to constantly be monitoring all the data you are seeing to adapt, improvise, let go, double down and leverage.

Want to learn more about the fundamentals of PPC and become a smart seller that advertises their way to success? We invite you to join a LIVE PPC workshop conducted by PPC Ninja and the 7 Figure Seller Summit.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to comment down below or email us at!


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